Technion Lab

In 2015 we have established a Lab at the Medical School of the Technion, Haifa Israel. The lab operates in concert with the La Jolla Lab, as reflected by our common interests and collaborations. We jointly hold weekly group meetings and journal club. 

Projects at the Technion include studies of a JNK2 knockin mouse model in cancer, as the RNF5, Siah2 and RNF125 ubiquitin ligases,  complement ongoing studies in La Jolla (see below). 

We are seeking talented graduate students and postdoctoral trainees, who will join our group at the Medical School. 

Current members of the lab are:

Shiri Ashkenasi, Ph.D.


Shiri is studying the role of JNK2 knockin mice (mutated within the KEN domain of JNK), in liver and skin cancer, following our discovery of JNK2 role in cell cycle control (Nature Cell Biology 2010). In addition, Shiri is using the CRISPR Cas9 technology to generate SIah2 and RNF5 KO melanoma lines.  Shiri oversee the day-to-day operation of the lab. Shiri recieved her Ph.D. at the Technion (2009) and performed postdoctoral studies on BAX-ARTS.

Ikrame Lazar, Ph.D.

Ikrame received her Pd.D at the CNRS in Toulouse France (2015),  studying exosomes in melanoma biology. Her postdoctoral training at the Technion lab focuses on the role of ATE1 in melanoma and novel regulators of translation initiation complex in melanoma.

Ali Khateb, Ph.D Student


Ali is Ph.D student who studies the role of RNF5 ubiquitin ligase in AML and CML. He completed his B.Sc. studies (2014) in biology at the Technion, Cum

        Erez Hasnis, MD/PhD

Erez received his M.D./Ph.D degree at the Technion (2004) studying the activation of NF-kB in lymphocytes by reactive nitrogen species. He has completed residencies in internal medicine (2015) and gastroenterology (2017). His research interests  includes microenvironment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma and its role in tumor metastasis and drug resistance.

Elisheva Arnowitz

Elisheva is an MD Student at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion. In 2016 she started working as a Research assistant where she contributes to the daily activity of the lab.

Yan Ziselman

Yan Started his BSc studies at the Technion (2015) in biomedical engineering and is currently undergraduate in the dual degree of biomedical engineering - medical track. Yan trains to use diverse technologies in the Ronai lab, assisting in numerous projects.

Dafna Joseph


Dafna is the Technion Integrated Cancer’s Center Administrator and handles administrative matters for our lab operation at the Technion. Dafna worked in the Medical School Dean’s office before joining the TICC.

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