Research Projects

Tumor types

Melanoma (UBL, PDK1 and ATF2 in melanoma)

Prostate Cancer (Siah1/2 in CRPC and neuendocrine PCa)

Breast Cancer (RNF5 in glutamine metabolism of BCa)

Transcription  factors

ATF2 (splice forms, full length, control of FUK, IFN beta,)

Protein Kinases

PDK1 (melanoma biology)

JNK1/2 (cell cycle control, protein translation)

Ubiquitin ligases

RNF5 (in ERAD, control of Gln metabolism, immune checkpoints)

Siah2 (in UPR, Hypoxia, tumor development and metastasis)

RNF125 (in resistance of melanoma to BRAFi)

Translational initiatives

SBI0640756 - small molecule inhibitor of eIF4F complex, in resistant melanoma and BRAF WT tumors.

Siah inhibitors - from peptides to small molecule inhibitors evlauated in culture and in vivo in prostate and melanoma tumor models

RNF5 inhibitors - in CFTR and as modulators of immune checkpoint 

Our studies are funded by the National Cancer InstituteMelanoma Research Foundation (MRF)Melanoma Research AllianceDoD, and The Hervey Family Non-endowment Fund at The San Diego Foundation

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